Urban Sufi Music reports Top Streaming albums of 2022

Top Streaming Albums from Urban Sufi Music in 2022. Metrics provided by Muso.ai

Urban Sufi Music reports Top Streaming albums of 2022
Urban Sufi Music reports Top Streaming albums of 2022

Using Muso.ai, Urban Sufi Music calculated its top streaming albums of 2022. Prior to the close of Q3-22. 

Grandson of jazz by HA Ya-Ali

Released in April of 2022 has surpassed all numbers in the Urban Sufi Music (SESAC) catalog, in just one quarter. With a current reported All Time plays of 315.3k by BoomPlay for HA Ya-Ali.

Wildcraft by Acklan

The 2021 analog recorded and digitally mixed and mastered album is finally gaining momentum. Considered to be one of the most prestigeous recordings in the USM catalog, the album has begun to find the light of day. [link]

Chemistry Teraqueous by Usephasan

One of the earliest recordings in the USM catalog, originally released in 1997. A resurgance of interest by eastern European collectors has given this record a new and younger audience. The reissue of Usephasan's only album Scienc.Esquizit (2003), which contained tracks from the EP also aided in the ressurection and asking price for releases connected to this series. Kh:Iman.Cip.8.Tor cd single is fetching $123-178 USD on discogs. 

Between God & The Deep Blue by Autolect

The 2008 record featuring a 9th wonder track has gained more attention in the past year. This is mainly due to the Footprints Music Group reissue in the smr of 2022. Lead up and press time for the reissue began in January of 2022 with helpfull well placed adds on social networks such as Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram. Youtube has calculated over 20,000 hits for the 9th wonder track entitled 'Write of passage'.

Dhata: Money, Food & I.D. by Dhua

The 2020 Vinyl and CD album of underground hip-hop beats by dhua has surged in 2022. Spawning a small following for dhua who has now moved onto other projects (see: HA Ya-Ali). After dropping two serious pandemic albums from 2020-22.

Wait for the hour by Bil Basmala

A proposed 'last' album from the west-coast USA producer who chipped in on the HA Ya-Ali projects. After dropping a critically acclaimed debut album in 2017 entitled Basmala. Now the beatsmith has gone back to his original Basmala moniquer to produce a 19 record series entitled Practice. In the works since the early 00's. As the cornerstone to the USM catalog, William Lamont Robinson (SESAC) aka Hasan has pushed his compositions into World and Arabesque music. With a smooth blend of electronica, jazz and hip-hop to encapsulate the essence of Urban Sufi Music.