ADN introduces POD-Albums

AUX Digital Network (ADN) has recently started to implement works on a data exchange by RSS/XML. This was needed to support the operational infrastructure of its growing music and other media library.

ADN introduces POD-Albums

Utilizing how podcast are delivered allows AUX Digital Network to disseminate its creators content and distribute in-house. Delivery of licenses and assets allow the licensor to use of music in other podcast, mechanical fixation, film, television and commercials. Jingle’s licensing of repertoire in the ADN Libraries include reporting of the use of such music. AUX affiliates FKACO used podcasts exclusively from 2013-2015 to distribute albums via iTunes, mixcloud and on the Audocs server. A top the hierarchy of companies, AUX Digital Network recognizes the importance of delivery worldwide in the podcast format. Providing a broader scope for music, films and other ADN Library media.

Understanding music as data and requirements, that AUX affiliates need, has been identified. Case usages have been implemented and successful deliveries are beyond testing. RSS/XML deliveries are a valid medium (metadata) to process and deliver music.

AUX currently create’s albums in podcast form, collate them into collection and distribute these Album-PODS across the internet. Implementation and support from licensing companies, Publishing administrators, media buyers and sub-publishers for licensing ground-swell.

AUX therefore has implemented a clear-cut advancement of the Podcast format, proposing and issuing Album-PODS, identified in its libraries and offer to professional organizations and consumers, starting in 2022. Where ‘Shows’ are albums or projects and ‘Episodes’ are songs or compositions. If you are interested in learning more about AUX Digital Network’s Album-PODS and licensing please contact Audocs at