RX/PCMusic Empowered!

Formerly Known As, Company delivers music globally for over 10 years. Our catalog is heard in Hotels, resorts, restaurants, Entertainment venues, Retail stores & malls. Spas, salons & gyms.

RX/PCMusic Empowered!

4-20-2018, California USA - In early 2014 FKA Co. partnered with Toronto based PCMusic to curate and target releases from its catalog. With PCMusic, also known as Prescriptive Music & RXmusic, the FKA brand soon found playlist placement from the global hospitality industry, 5 Star hotels and resorts to Spas and burger joints. PCMusic proved a reliable placement and delivery to market for North American and other worldwide retail.

Audocs has taken over deliveries for FKA Co, and sent its first delivery for Urban Sufi Music on 4/19. PCMusic has graciously curated several albums from Bil, Basmala and Urban Sufi Music. Becoming yet another outlet for PER Music Library in the coming years. The staff at Audocs / FKA have valued the sincerity of PCMusic staff and their willingness along the supply chain. Audio Documents Inc. will continue to place FKA’s back catalog along with Urban Sufi Music and PER Music Library. Including our in-house clients producers, record labels and artists.

Please Note: Deliveries are subject to Ghadaqan & FKACO restrictions.

Disclaimer: This does not indicate a partnership, only a delivery end-point.