Delivery, Marketing & Promoting products through wide traditional means, including radio, television, film and commercials. With functional direct marketing, wholesale buyer catalogs for retail and online merchant (non-store) listings. Including all forms of customer aids to enhance physical and online retail groundswell and regional outpour.


AUX Digital and subsidiaries operate online for wholesale B2B and B2C content fulfillment.


Delivery, Marketing & Promoting products through wide traditional means, including radio, television, film and commercials. With functional direct marketing, wholesale buyer catalogs for retail and online merchant (non-store) listings. Including all forms of customer aids to enhance physical and online retail groundswell and regional outpour.


Fulfillment includes cross channel production, manufacturing, shipping and delivery of physical and digital music, marketing assets, video delivery and storage, International rights management, retail playlist placement, North American retail and European retail.

Aux Network increases its brands physical and digital delivery since 1997. Fulfillment of digital goods and services are available to network partners, including online and physical retail. The AUX core system handles assets for secure delivery, physical warehousing and transport logistics. AUX diligently addresses global distribution through several services for international delivery of goods.

AUX Network culminated in 2021, advancing its media service supply channel. Stabilizing a previous 30% Gross music industry earning from 2010 - 2020.

Marketing Department

International broad marketing initiatives, commercialize products at AUX. Including detailed marketing plans for each product line. Budget consideration based on scale-ability of each product and reach enlist a concise market concept for products. Market concepts aid AUX Network sales and profit margins along the supply chain by enhancing customer satisfaction.

Previous market engagements by way of FKACO, as a soundtrack, instrumental, nu-jazz, hip-hop and nu-soul specialist. Gained global licensing for PER Music Library. Including inclusion in RSD (Record Store Day) UK in 2017. PER, Music Library operated along side 5 competitive major indie labels in the same market for 2016-17. Customers are still able to purchase these products through 150 independent retail in North America, including Amoeba Records in Hollywood, the worlds largest independent record store. Big box stores; WalMart & Best Buy, and additional European, Pacific rim consolidated services.

AUX re-launched FKACO in 2021, after its stellar 2015-17 performance on the world stage. Now operating as AUX Networks Ad Agency & Sync Creative department.

AUX Networks current online retail solution for wholesale and direct to consumer orders is Audocs. Audio Documents (Audocs) updates inventory 3-5 times per quarter on average 25 times per year. Social feeds and updates include shop feeds, Facebook page and other affiliated sites online. AUX Network is currently analyzing Audocs newsletter dissemination, a B2B program that went out monthly from 2014-18. Thes impactful newsletters included product updates, product sheets and other important information to ease the ordering process. During this period, Audocs B2B newsletter blast encompassed a 10-15% success rate. Currently, AUX Network projects an effective crossover and touch points for any future market engagements via B2B/B2C to be 100% increased. Resembling the International ramp up from 2014-16 at FKACO for PER, Music Library. This initiative is scheduled for 1.5 years along a global broad marketing initiative.

Digital & Physical Sales

Priority one for marketing and sales at Audocs is customer satisfaction for services and goods. Audocs fulfillment has been in full swing since 2020. With a $2M total worth of products viewed. Daily operations include, production and packaging to shipment of products; Cd, Vinyl and Digital downloads. Utilizing our new interactive one sheet promotions at DNLD US.

Online and retail buyer catalogs enable buyers to checkout direct from the Audocs shop. Priority one for AUX network is to plug all holes in the checkout process. $12, 338 total worth of cart revenue was missing. Another $6,694 total worth of checkout cart revenue was abandoned. Closing regional distributor gaps, big box stores and independent retail stock for Audocs artists & labels product. Audocs has chosen the Collectors edition niche for Vinyl & CD one-off orders. Currently bypassing wholesale account. AUX Network looks to capitulate the wholesale market for Audocs products over the next year and a half.

Audocs Sales, physical handling, warehousing and transport related issues have been analyzed for an exact or ‘Right on time’ plan and forecast for AUX Digital top ten wholesale (B2B) accounts. Alowing for the same B2C activity with increased revenue as recorded at Audocs shop from 2020-21.

Product Management

AUX Network delegates a placement specialty that brought FKACO company legitimacy, unmistakable database specialist, qualifying music and taking the smallest project and inflating its quality and value. Yet, AUX Digital (upper management), Marketing and management has gathered data to increase efficiency, cycle time and customer salience. Including comprehensive marketing plans for B2B, B2C and wholesale direct marketing initiatives, Narrow to wide, co-op to retail advertisement while AUX handles upper management duty for all its departments worldwide.

The overall condition and placement of AUX product at market starts with the product itself. Quality personal and producers are contracted to support the AUX process with original content and integrity to output as product. The AUX process is Media (Audio) integrity across the board, from start to finish, from production to market with quality preservation of goods per product. Enabling customer satisfaction and a unique buying experience for the consumer. Media integrity is the heart and whole soul of the AUX process. Translating to an individualized or per process and harmonic products for the consumer.

Now, The AUX process utilizes over 25 years experience and a firm grasp of the post modern global market. Creating trusted relationships with entities from similar points of view. AUX 'Uplifts' with the aid of technology, ingenuity and experience creating better quality, efficiency, high cycle time for overall integrity and media product essence. Bringing about harmony and improved business and personal quality of Life. By eliminating time consuming barriers for product placement.

Radio & Retail (R&R)

AUX Network operates on a telecommunications model. With intensive radio encoding and registration programs for URBAN & AC (Adult Contemporary) incl. Smooth / Nu Jazz & Lounge. Implementing industry standards such as BDS, Mediabase, UK Charts Registration, Digital Asset Delivery to over 3000 Radio Contacts, incl. page creation, confirmation and reports. Follow up reports via AUX-Meta and Weekly Station Reports. AUX own X925 is currently in broadcast incubation and streams 24/7 across the AUX Network. Currently operating at under 5% capacity, with over a 90% ceiling for growth. This opportunity to broadcast worldwide is now available via AUX Network.


AUX Digital Services operates offline and online. Fulfillment, Promo, broadcasts and more, including Audi0FILE metadata submissions for labels, artists & releases. X925 Radio spins & radio call letters for station spins. Tours and Shows, updates constantly. Additional New Release, Out Now, Radio Spins, Artist or Label, Album Purchase links, Video and premiers.