Footprints Music Group

The Footprints Music Group (FMG) will be formed in 2022 with a merger of Urban Sufi Music (Sesac) and AUX Digital Network. Flattening the organization hierarchy of the music publisher and creative agency.

Footprints  Music Group

The privately held company was launched in WestPark Village, California a suburb of Roseville in Sacramento California. Sublabels include, Footprints Music, Footprints Music Group, Ghadaqan Records, Urban Sufi Music, ISO, Acklan Studio, Required, ARD, Unearthed, The Required Label, PER Music Library, Formerly Known As, FKACO, 21 Fortunes Hills, Sub-Industry Recordings and more.

In mid-2022, FMG launched Traces, an imprint for new material.