FKACO signs partnership with SEEDj

FKACO & SEEDj General Partnership Agreement was made between SEEDJ FZCO, residing at Dubai Silicon Oasis, Building A2, Unit 101, Dubai UAE and FKACO.

FKACO signs partnership with SEEDj
Date: 21 Sep 2022 09:36:35 UTC
Location: California, United States
FKACO's reboot by Founder and principle William Robinson happened this year. Including the rebranding of the original in-house label FKA/Formerly Known As Company to FORM ( with a tandem merchandising division at ORNG ( FORM & ORNG take over the back catalog, wholesale, and inventory for B2B/B2C. Still under the General management of William Robinson threw his Athar brand, FORM/ORNG also inherits the FKA European label code, 40048. 
With SEEDj, FKACO and FORM/ORNG will be able to select new unreleased tracks and develop collaborations with emerging Artists and DJs on the SEEDj platform. Other incentives include royalty distribution, charting, purchase options for collections and special partner sign-ups for FKACO based artists. 
FKACO's presence on SEEDj as a parent label and official partner, includes a profile, and 10 tracks per month publishing thru FORM/ORNG.
General Manager William Robinson is excited about the prospect of this new international partnerships. And will speak on it in detail from the SEEDj platform in the near future. Under the agreement, he disclosed the holding of master-classes for emerging independent artists, label managers, and publishers. 
"With SEEDj, FKACO thru ORNG & FORM unpack recent global advancements since the reboot. The changing landscape of social networking, blockchains, artist-based wallets, and how artists insure rights & ownership, as well get paid in the coming years," Robinson said.