FKA Co. Preparing 5 Year Financial Summary.

Formerly Known As Company, (FKA Co,) is a Indie Music Merchant for Physical and Digital Assets. Established in late 2012 as a California corporation then evolving to the role of Merchant Distribution, one stop by 2014. In 2015 FKA Co's core business grew.

FKA Co. Preparing 5 Year Financial Summary.

Entertainment, Music Merchant Distribution & Audio Production

As a young venture, FKA Co. pursued an innovative low overhead music business model for Indie music distribution, recording, music publishing and artist services. The gamut of services included in-house A&R, marketing, promotion, licensing, and more.

In 2013 - 16, FKA Co. operated with several subsidiaries. In 2016 FKA Co. moved top management control of its subsidiaries and supply chain to ADN. And continues to maintain its original independent approach.

FKA Co.’s 2015 list of 10 record label partners, have been shifted to the Audocs, Audio Documents music delivery platform, also controlled by ADN. Including its own in-house Preservation Electronic Recordings (PER), It has even started making its mark on the Library music, hybrid electronic-hip hop and ambient soul world music scene. As well looking to make the leap to Independent music publisher, increasing FKA Co.'s footprint in commercial, film and Television markets worldwide.

ADN will also handle upper management for Urban Sufi Music Publishing, established in 2004.

FKA Co.'s independent music network and artist service at Audocs - Audio Documents (, now under management by ADN, boasts a comprehensive private workflow that puts the placement and visibility of independent music at par with a major label.

FKA Co. continues to redistribute the underexposed, new and reissued music on CDs. It maintains a vast portion of control over digital assets with direct delivery and in house contracts.


FKA Co. has officially engaged ZZRJ LLC in the Bay Area of California to prepare its upcoming 5 year financial summary.