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Everything To Everybody (ETE Books)

William L. Robinson publishes books under his Everything to Everybody imprint out of WestPark, Roseville, California. Mr. Robinson aka Hasan brings awareness to knowledge of social issues to the Eastern Department line. Including several titles from years of academic and applied research under pseudonyms.

Also as a designer and graphic artist, Mr. Robinson writes under several pseudonyms, publishes music and sells fine art.  

Everything to Everybody books are on a variety of topics, yet encapsulate the experience of the author himself. As a creative, serial artist and entrepreneur with a passion for the arts, ETE books are collectors issues and limited edition, designed and packaged by Robinson to encapsulate his personal expression. 

ETE is focussed on Robinsons publication of books. From social issues to art, graphic design design, sub-culture, research and more.

Beyond literary culture, Everything To Everybody also publishes BetaMAG, an AudioDocuments Production, also the creators of Audocs, the music artists fulfillment service and website since 2008. 

Together, Everything To Everybody & Eastern Department publish a thought provoking and cutting edge literary material in the tradition of the independent American small press.

Everything To Everybody is currently preparing to publish a book title from Robinson with Eastern Department thats been in the works for 17 years. Robinson is redefining, how humans look at the everyday phenomena around itself. Taking diverse topics and culminating them, not just into a theory, but bringing to light aspects we often overlook.

Eastern Department is the official publisher of William L. Robinson. Including several topics under his pseudonyms. Stepping into academic publishing shortly after 2014, ED launched a few papers and maintained all rights and permissions worldwide to Robinson’s literary work, theories, papers and ideas.

ETE also collaborates with Robinson’s 21 Fortune Hills, art & design company, to launch several art print books of his work. Yet, Everything To Everybody sticks to its bread-and-butter and publishes well-thought-out, and researched titles on everyday phenomena we tend to overlook, based on human motivation and performance. 

From 21 Fortune Hills illustrated books on art, graphic design to Everything To Everybody’s academic approach. The lines between traditional and forward-thinking are blurred. 

21FH combines music, art and apparel. A merchant clothing line with art and graphics centered around Robinson’s literary pursuits. On the horizon, 21FH gallery, retail stores and a line of books published in association with Eastern Department has Robinson’s plate full.

Everything To Everybody is the publisher, 21 Fortune Hills handles the graphic design. Eastern Department is the platform that brings the whole design, packaging and material together.

Stay on the look-out for 21FH fine art books in limited print runs. Including apparel from the roster of artists and brands under its belt. 

From the suite to the street, Everything To Everybody is ready and 21 Fortune Hills illustrates the ride.