Audocs, USB Albums ℠

Audio Documents (Audocs) packages and propels its global offer for USB Albums ℠

Audocs, USB Albums ℠



Culture Drivers & Market Factors

Audio Documents propels its global offer for USB Albums ℠. Dubbing itself the only exclusive USB supplier / distributor of Albums globally. "The market literally just broke", said Robinson. "We’ve been pushing our version of USB Albums ℠ since 2016”, the President of Audio Documents Inc. reiterated. Audio Documents went to the source and established a manufacturing commitment with a Chinese manufacturer. “Our goal is to become technology leaders in the USB Film and Album market.” Robinson.

As Audio Documents moves toward a clear cut advantage by suppling and distributing USB films and albums exclusively. Audio Documents’s modest 50 million estimation is safe in a 200+ million dollar market. This includes rentals and sales from global smart tv’s, gaming consoles and recorded music industry customers. Global smart tv sales exceeded 114 billion in 2016 and continues to rise. As a main component of smart tv, USB sales and rentals of films can be compared to and may only be exceeded by sales of HDMI component cables, which sold 5 million in 2004 to 4 billion in 2016.