Audi0FILE Beta Launch

Audi0FILE ℠ - Administrate - encode - upload & sync content. Connect your music & media merchandise to commerce.

Audi0FILE Beta Launch

Audi0FILE ℠ is a service based application for Artists, Authors, Producers, Labels and Media Publishers. A Catalog creation, content aggregator and compiler for generated media from Audio Documents (Audocs).

Connecting Content and Commerce for creatives and their productsGenerating collections or catalogs for your music, literary book, album, podcasts, apparel or video series for go-to-market and product offers.

Digital marketing is simplified at Audi0FILE based on the Audocs workflow. A producer based model for independent writers, artists, labels and publishers to administrate catalogs. From songs to book chapters or episodes. Encoding, uploading, building and syncing product offers one-item at a time or in bulk.

As a catalog management workflow, Audi0FILE avoids the complexities of AI based components. Enabling Indie-Artists, Labels And Publishers to add content they control, from any source they want. Extending the workspace mentality with commerce-connecting in mind. Connect your offers to 3rd party ecommerce sites, or your mail-order. 

Content holders (creatives) can invite their reps, pr, social media managers or data entry specialists onboard. All media is stored on AUX Digital Network secure servers, with direct access from creatives and company. Audi0FILE Reps are also available to interact with content providers who need help.

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