Acklan (Studio)

Acklan has grown since the initial side project status for Hasan (dHUA) Author & Researcher. Who first came to surface apart of usephasan, then releasing a slew of albums under Bil Basmala and Autolect, before establishing acklan. A Bil Basmala Production and special projects imprint for PER Music Library

Acklan (Studio)

Studio & home of Spectrum 13

Spectrum 13 was born from underground hip-hop, instrumental albums and alternative Hip Hop to soulful manifestations of pure inspiration. That thick unmistakable sound of Urban Sufi Music on Spectrum 13 combines the concept of art and music into an expansive collection of raw, unconventional must have singles, albums and tracks


Logic Software | M-Audio | Axiom 49 (keyboard) | Akai GX-266 (Gemini) Reel | Zoom R-16 Digital Workstation


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To accomodate the growing catalog of beat art and instrumental hip-hop. Audio Documents, Audocs launched Sub-Industry Recordings.On Sep.10th 2020 PIR 38°, changed its name to Sub-Industry Recordings. Just one day shy of releasing its first record 'Advisors/Acklan Wundah Blauh EP by acklan'. PIR 38° got its start in 2017 under PER Music Library. Releasing one record, Autolect (mononauts) - Monoverse for RSD-UK 2017. Sub-Industry Records (FKA PIR 38° ) focuses on Beat art & World/Sacred music. And is home to acklan studio in Northern California.

Sub-Industry Recordings Releases

  • Advisors /Acklan Wundah Blauh EP Released on Sep 11 2020. Cat No: SIR 001 Label: Sub-Industry (Recordings) Genre: BEAT ART / BREAKBEAT / ELECTRO.
  • Wildcraft Released May 5 2021. Cat No: SIR002/AUD55  Label: Sub-Industry (Recordings) Genre: BEAT ART / INSTRUMENTAL / ELECTRO / ANALOG. Featuring the ambient minimal single 'Gently'.

Acklan Studio (Westpark, Roseville, CA) is home to Sub-Industry Recordings (FKA PIR 38°), Ok Deluxe, Telet, Analogue Fringe, Tycoon, Sig-Has, Gentleman & Scholar and more. Mfg & Distributed by Audocs, Audio Documents